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Custom made jewelry designed with passion for men and women in recovery and those who want to show their support.

Whether your struggle is with alcohol, drugs, food, loss, depression, anxiety, cancer, divorce, etc., if you’ve faced some obstacle in your life and used it to grow and transform into a healthier and happier person, Surrender Jewelry is designed with you in mind.

Gracie Darden – Co-Owner

The serenity prayer and hopeful message of recovery programs have always inspired me.I have many loved ones in recovery and have experienced the joy and freedom as well as the pain and struggle that is a life in recovery.

I searched for high-quality, recovery themed jewelry on the cutting edge of fashion with a message of joyfulness, happiness and freedom.I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the market.I wanted something unique, sexy, with rock and roll style and passion.

In early 2010, someone very close to me was about to celebrate his first year sober.I wanted to give him a gift to commemorate this momentous milestone.I wanted something that would capture the memories and remind him of the spiritual growth of that first year in sobriety.

I perceived a desire that people in recovery and their loved ones have to wear something that symbolizes the surrender, struggle, peace and joy in their life. That desire wasn’t being met in the market so I formed the concept of Surrender Jewelry.

We have all faced some challenge in life – illness, loss, physical or psychological abuse, neglect, family issues, anxiety, etc.We reached a turning point in our lives where we could no longer manage this challenge without making significant changes; some form of recovery.To me “recovery” is a broad concept that encompasses medical treatment, 12-step programs, religion, interpersonal psychotherapy, meditation, etc., or a combination of these.

With Surrender Jewelry, I wanted to help celebrate the mantras, milestones and memories on your journey of recovery.When a customer sends me an email to tell me one of our pieces has meant something to them and made a difference in their recovery, I feel a higher power at work.

Larry Darden – Co-Owner