Black Diamond, Sterling Silver
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Sterling Silver Surrender Ankh Cross Pendant with Black Diamonds

Made from Sterling Silver this pendant is trimmed with Black Diamonds around the outside border.

The Ankh Cross is a powerful symbol of life and living. It forms the first part of the Egyptian words for “health” and “happiness”. Ankh amulets have been worn as a way of protecting and extending the life of the living.

The Surrender Ankh is a variation of the Egyptian Ankh Cross. The lower end is tapered to form the tip of a sword. The horizontal portion has been modified to form the hilt of a sword.

The combination of the Egyptian Ankh symbol and the Sword symbol gives the wearer protection against the dark forces in the universe that would shorten life. It’s intended to act as an energy center for the forces of life in the universe to protect us and defend us from the forces of death and disease.

Inside the upper “loop” portion of the Surrender Ankh Cross is a triangle enclosed in a circle. This is a powerful symbol of recovery.

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Stones: Black Diamonds (Medium approx. 0.38ct)
Sizes: Medium (1.50 in. x 0.75 in.)